Our rules of conduct for research teams.

Marakuja Kivu Research is a non-profit association based in Goma, which brings together researchers based in the DRC, Europe, the United States, and elsewhere, and specializes in carrying out research in the DRC, with a particular focus on conflict-affected provinces of the country.

Marakuja Kivu Research has expertise in quantitative methods, in particular large scale data collections, as well as qualitative research methods. MKR has worked in the majority of the provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and in partnership with a range of US and EU based Universities.

Marakuja is committed to providing opportunities to early career researchers based in the DRC. Conscious of the racialized and gendered inequalities that exist within the NGO, Development and academic sectors that operate in the DRC, Marakuja seeks to adopt a work ethos based on fairness and equity with regards to working conditions, work recognition, and dignity of all of our staff regardless of our origin and early opportunities.

Our name stands from Multidisciplinary Association for Research and Advocacy in the Kivus by United Junior Academics.

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